Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New year, new bucket list!

I'd like to start off by saying 2014 has been my year (yes, i am claiming it!) in several aspects, that is - in academics, in extra-curricular, in pageants, in family, in matters of the heart and of course, in myself. I have never ticked off my bucket list for the past years, but i'm very fortunate enough to have been able to tick 7 out of the 15 things i wanted to accomplish last year (see this). I'm just so happy (and i hope nothing bad happens because they say that something would happen if you're too happy, so let's hope not. I'm babbling but you get the point) and blessed.

Again, i was never the sucker for resolutions, i wanted things to happen and to change just because they were meant to. But still, you can't help but have little wishes and hopes, so here's my 2015 bucket list. I'm excited to fulfill all these and even more excited for all the surprises and plans God has for me this year. Cliche as it may sound but 2015 is going to be my year and i'm claiming it!

P.S. I'm adding all the things i wasn't able to complete in my last year's bucket list here. It's a new opportunity to fulfill them so why not grab it heehe


1. Maintain my ideal weight (and grow a few inches in height please).
it feels good to be able to wear all the clothes you want - and they either fit or they're kind of loose

2. Travel locally or internationally.
visit a province or a country and have a great time

3. Venture into extreme sports.
or just try crazy things like bungee jumping, or manageable ones like wakeboarding

4. Pass my crown and have my farewell walk.
i have never done that in my entire life and i think i'd have a blast if i do so

5. Maintain good grades.
because i need to and because i want to *wink*

6. Learn how to ride a bike, swim and skate.
still in my bucket list for quite some time now, let's hope this year is the year to accomplish them

7. Save money.
it's time to continue being frugal and thrifty and more conscious of what i'm spending my money into

8. Go to a legit carnival.
whether it's a simple one or a huge one, as long as it's a carnival - with friends or loved ones

9. Visit places i've never been to before.
like churches, food establishments, hotels, tourist spots, etc.

10. Ride horses.
i have never rode one in my entire life and i feel like i'm a loser

11. Go on a roadtrip.
with friends or family or loved ones or anyone - as long as i feel the dust and heat of the sun in my face as we do that (or aircon would be better heehee)

12. Go to the beach.
AND WEAR A BIKINI YES. and yes, i have never been to a beach in my teenage life (well, i've been to when i was a kid but i never got the chance to appreciate it because i was a kid)

13. Ukay-ukay in Baguio.
it. would. be. the. best. day. ever. if i get to thrift shop in baguio

14. Visit a Sunflower Field.
i have always loved sunflowers and it has been my long-tme dream to visit a sunflower field and take pictures. are the sunflowers growing in UP Diliman yet?

15. Have the most memorable last Paskuhan ever.
since i'd be a senior that time, i want my last paskuhan to be a blast and to be the best one *fingers crossed on that*

16. Keep my 'ga happy.
 i'd feel really fulfilled if i keep him happy throughout the year (whether we still don't have or we'll have a label) and if he never gets tired of me and my tendencies woot

17. Cook a full-course meal.
with appetizers, main dish, dessert, and let's include the drinks

18. Bake anything.
oreo cookies, red velvet cake, or just anything 

19. Change my hairstyle.
i've always wanted to do something crazy - like cut my hair short or dye it in pastel or just dip dye it in teal - and let's hope i get the chance to do it this year

20. Learn how to make latte art.
i've learned to love coffee last 2014, so it's a must for me to do my own latte art heehee

21. Fill a jar with 2015 memories.
be it painful, blissful, momentous or anything, as long as it triggered an emotion in me that i want to remember, i'll put it in my jar

22. Spend the night in a coffee shop or food place.
in just one place, and spend the night there just by talking about nonsense things, laughing or just filling my phone with pictures of the place or what not

23. Travel in Manila alone.
i've always been afraid to travel and get lost in Manila, but it would be a feat and a lesson if i do so

24. Learn how to do my own makeup and hair.
and buy my own makeup so that i'd be ready in any event and i won't have to call on anyone to check if they could do my hmua or not - better prepared than not, right?

25. Host an event outside the university.
it's going to be nerve-wracking, but it sure is going to be worth it

26. Learn a new language/dialect.
it would be fun to know how to speak a new language/dialect and would be a great addition to credentials *wink wink*

27. OJT either in an events related company or in a network or in a production house.
so that i'd get a glimpse of what i'd do in the fields i want to be in

28. Go to a zoo.
i have never been to a zoo and i have never interacted with animals, so...

29. Go on a date (a legit one at that).
could be fancy or not, could be anything, as long as it's with the person you value the most

30. Be completely happy throughout the year.
And try to grow up and be mature.

Cheers to more things to add in my bucket list and cheers to a happier, better and greater 2015!
Happy 1 of 365!

Friday, March 28, 2014


To be honest, this was an opportunity i was supposed to pass up. But then i did a double take on it and decided that it won't hurt me if i say yes to this. And boy, i was so happy i said yes - for it became more than what i had expected!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I was never the sucker for resolutions. Mainly because i never got to fulfill all of them, only just a few. *smiles* Not that i've never changed, for the good, it's just that i really think we can change any time we want to and not only because it's new year or we have made resolutions for that matter. Also, it's my first time to post a bucketlist so i think this'll serve as my means to break out from the shell i'm still in and be the daredevil who takes a risk every time *wink*. 

This bucketlist's incomplete and i plan on adding more but here's mine for now. Hihi